Bag emptying silo SBB



Big bag emptying systems (bulk bags or FIBC bags) are used to empty bags of powder or granular material to feed dosing and mixing systems directly or to fill vertical silos and horizontal silos with bags. A SILO SBB big bag emptying station allows (a) to easily empty the contents of several 25 kg bags and big bags (bulk bag or FIBC bag) safely and without waste, (b) to store the extracted material inside the silo, protecting it from humidity, and (c) to use the stored product at any time, without interruption, and with a constant flow of material. This allows the separation and optimization of the “unloading of big bags” and “material utilization” phases, resulting in considerable savings in working time.


Using a forklift, hoist or other lifting equipment, the big bag (bulk bag or FIBC bag) is placed in the telescopic support structure, which has height adjustments to accommodate different bag sizes. A circular seal on the roof assists the entry of the big bag (bulk bag or FIBC bag) and prevents the dispersion of dust into the atmosphere, and in the case of harmful products or very fine dust it is possible to apply an additional filter system with an aspirator. In the case of big bags (bulk bags or FIBC bags) “with discharge valve” the manual opening of the bag is easy and fast, while in the case of disposable big bags a set of blades positioned inside the silo allows the opening of the bag by gravity and in total absence of risks for the operator.


The bag emptying silo SBB can have storage capacities of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7 m³, and all models are mobile machines that can be moved by forklift. Furthermore, like the EUROSILO horizontal silos and the SILMATIC vertical silos, the SILO SBB big bag emptying system is also available in two versions: “electronic dosing“, with a gravimetric electronic weighing system using load cells with decreasing weight, and “timed dosing“, equipped with an adjustable timer extraction system. However, the biggest advantage of the SILO SBB big bag unloader remains the possibility of unloading and storing from 3 to 7 big bags at the same time and then being able to work for a long time, without interruptions and with a constant flow of material.