Concrete plants TECNOMIX



Designed for the production of high-quality RMC (Ready Mix Concrete), TECNOMIX concrete batching plants with mixer have small dimensions for transport, require minimum space on site, do not require a ramp for loading aggregates and can also be installed inside buildings and narrow areas. TECNOMIX concrete mixing plants with mixers are particularly suitable for the production and sale of concrete to third parties, to produce concrete in medium-long term construction sites and for sites with limited working areas: RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) concrete for urban works, road works and housing works, as well as RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) concrete for wind foundations and river works (dams and embankments).


The fixed (stationary) batching plants for the production of RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) with TECNOMIX mixer are dimensioned for the batching of inert materials (aggregates) such as sand, gravel and crushed stone with a grain size of up to 50 mm and are available in the 2, 3, 4 or 5 tank version in the following variants (a) TECNOMIX 40, with planetary mixer, production 40 m³/h and aggregate hoppers with independent weighing system of 11 m³ each, (b) TECNOMIX 60, with horizontal mixer, production 60 m³/h and aggregate hoppers of 25 m³ each, (c) TECNOMIX 80, with horizontal mixer, production 80 m³/h and aggregate hoppers of 25 m³ each. The dosing of all components (aggregates, cement, water and additives), as well as the detection of the moisture retained by the aggregates and the consequent modification of the quantities of water introduced into the mix, is done automatically thanks to the management software system installed in the PC station located inside the control cabin.


In a plant for the production of RMC (Ready Mix Concrete), the storage and dosing of one or more types of cement is a fundamental and indispensable component. If the EUROSILO mobile horizontal silos are the ideal match for the TECNO mobile batching plants, the natural match for the TECNOMIX fixed (stationary) batching plants are the monolithic, telescopic and modular (fixed/stationary) vertical powder silos. This configuration allows for large cement stockpiles with a vertical development of the working area and guarantees, by limiting the overall dimensions of the entire plant, a considerable saving in the space required on site.