Mini batching plants TECNO STRATOS



The mobile micro-plants to produce RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) in truck mixers directly on site, model TECNO STRATOS, derive from the larger and more performing TECNO mobile batching plants and TECNO LT fixed (stationary) plants, from which they differ in a completely alternative aggregate management system. In fact, the TECNO STRATOS micro-concrete mixing plant uses a large-digit display located near the aggregate storage tank to allow the operator to load and unload sand, gravel and crushed stone sequentially in layers into the truck mixer. The dosage of all components (aggregates, cement, water and additives), as well as the detection of the moisture retained by the aggregates and the consequent modification of the quantities of water introduced into the mix, is done automatically thanks to a touchscreen management system on board the machine or through a PC station located inside the control cabin. Minimal transport costs, almost no installation time and extreme ease of use.


The TECNO STRATOS model of mobile micro-plants for the production of RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) is a progressive stratified filling system: a traffic light with green, yellow and red lights indicates to the operator the filling status of the tank for dosing the aggregates. The green light signals to the operator that he can start loading sand, gravel or crushed stone into the hopper, the yellow light indicates the moment when the loaded aggregate is approaching the quantity set in the formula, while the red light signals that the quantity to be dosed has been reached and the operator stops the loading phase; the same filling sequence is used for all types of aggregates to be dosed and stored in the formula. The second hopper for dosing the aggregates, which is independent and optional, allows the product to be refilled while the first hopper is being emptied, there by optimizing production times.


Cement storage and batching is an essential and indispensable component of any RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) plant. In addition to the possibility of choosing between vertical SILMATIC silos and horizontal EUROSILO silos, the ideal combination for the TECNO STRATOS mobile aggregate batching unit is the SILO SBB electronic batching big bags emptying system, which can have a storage capacity of 2 to 7 m³, can be moved using a forklift, and optimizes the compactness of the entire plant as well as enhancing its ease of installation, uninstallation and handling. TECNO STRATOS mobile concrete mixing plants are the ideal solution for those who wish to purchase an economical plant without compromising on the quality of the end product.