Mobile batching plants TECNO



The TECNO mobile concrete batching plant is the first mobile batching plant on the market for the production of RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) in truck mixers directly on site and is the result of a process of continuous evolution and improvement that has involved the company for almost 20 years. Designed to be installed in just a few hours, without the use of cranes, foundations or anchoring to the ground, the system is completely pre-assembled and pre-wired and allows the user considerable savings in transport, assembly and dismantling costs. Thanks to their compact dimensions and impressive versatility, the mobile RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) batching plants of the TECNO series have been installed inside buildings and tunnels, on the tops of mountains, as well as in the center of traffic congested cities, between glaciers and deserts. TECNO mobile concrete batching plants are particularly suitable for producing concrete on short-term construction sites, isolated or hard-to-reach sites, sites without lifting equipment or with environmental and landscape constraints: RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) concrete for urban works, road works and housing projects, as well as RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) concrete for wind foundations and river works (dams and embankments).


Mobile concrete mixing plants of the TECNO series are designed for batching inert materials (aggregates), such as sand, gravel and crushed stone, with a grain size of up to 50 mm and are available with 2, 3 or 4 storage tanks in the variants (a) TECNO 060, with a capacity of 60 m³/h and aggregate hoppers of 8 m³ each, (b) TECNO 100, with a capacity of 100 m³/h and aggregate hoppers of 13 m³ each and (c) TECNO 100 PLUS, with a capacity of 100 m³/h and aggregate hoppers with an independent weighing system of 11 m³ each. The dimensions of the entire series are small enough to be transported on normal trucks (by land) or flat rack containers (by ship), while the hydraulic lifts allow loading and unloading of the aggregate unit without the use of a crane. Even the lifting belt, driven by hydraulic pistons, folds back into the containment tanks without having to be dismantled. The dosage of all components (aggregates, cement, water and additives), as well as the detection of the moisture retained by the aggregates and the consequent modification of the quantities of water introduced into the mix, is done automatically thanks to a user-friendly touchscreen management system on board the machine or through a PC station located inside the control cabin.


In a plant for the production of RMC (Ready Mix Concrete), the storage and dosing of cement is a fundamental and indispensable component. If the vertical monolithic and telescopic silos for powders, SILMATIC version, are the ideal combination for the TECNO LT fixed (stationary) plants, the extreme mobility of the TECNO batching plants is emphasized by the combination with the mobile horizontal silos with electronic weighing system, EUROSILO version. The latter configuration allows all the machines to be positioned without the need of concrete slabs and anchorages to the ground, making the entire plant comparable to a common operating machine for which no special permits are required for installation. Thanks to the EUROSILO mobile horizontal silos, moving the plant from one site to another and working again within a day is really possible.