Mobile concrete plants C240



C240 is a mobile concrete plant for the production of cementitious mixes (concrete and hydraulically mixed concrete) and cold asphalt mixes (cold asphalt) designed to be mounted on a 3-axle truck and to offer maximum mobility, agility and versatility to those who need to work in congested urban areas, isolated construction sites, areas with difficult access and limited space. Unlike traditional fixed (stationary) and mobile batching plants, C240 mobile concrete plant is completely independent, can be operated by a single operator and allows (a) the loading of the necessary raw materials (aggregates up to 50 mm in diameter, cement, water, additives, emulsion) within its own plant, (b) their transportation in separate compartments to the worksite and, (c) on the basis of the set recipe, the production of the mixed material directly at the place of unloading (mixing on site), at the desired time and in the desired quantities, avoiding waiting and leftovers of the finished product, optimizing production costs and minimizing the overall environmental impact of processing. The plant can be powered by a diesel/electric engine on board the machine or, alternatively, directly from the truck’s power take-off.


The production of the mix (dosing and mixing of raw materials) is carried out directly on site via a simple and intuitive touchscreen control panel on the machine. Dosing of powder binders (cement) and aggregates (aggregates such as sand, gravel and crushed stone) is carried out using an electronic gravimetric weighing systems with weight-decreasing load cells, while dosing of additives and water is carried out using a liter counter. The probe for detecting the moisture retained by the aggregates automatically compensates for the dosage of the quantities of water set in the recipe. The electronic control system constantly monitors production and the flow of materials, guaranteeing accuracy, quality of the final product (e.g. certifiable concrete) and repeatability of the mix design required. Depending on the set recipe, different mix designs can be produced with the same load of raw materials. The system allows the storage and retrieval of predefined formulas, the digital reading and saving of consumption data, the printing of productions, remote monitoring, assistance as well as access to “Industry 4.0” benefits.


Depending on the raw materials used, C240 mobile concrete plant can achieve a continuous output of 40 m³/h, which can be stopped by the operator at any time. The mixing unit consists of a two-stage system: the first mixer takes care of mixing the dosed materials (aggregates, cement, water, additives, emulsions) while the second mixer is responsible for the final homogenization (and discharge) of the cement or bituminous mixture required. All wearing elements are easily accessible and designed to be easily replaced, allowing significant savings in downtime, cleaning and maintenance costs. Civil construction, infrastructure, road works, recycling, ready-mix concrete, precast concrete, soil stabilization; C240 is a mobile concrete plant that allows the production of RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) as well as cement mixes, inert products, mortars, cold asphalts, recycled concrete and mixes of any consistency.