Mobile powder blending plants BS040M



The BS040M (Blending Mobile Station) is an automated mobile plant for dosing and dry powder mixing (aggregates, carbonate, silica, gypsum) with binders (cement, lime, calcium sulphate) and additives (resins, aerating agents, fluidifying agents, fibers, cellulose) for the production of ready-to-use products, either loose or bags, for screeds, substrates, mortars for plaster, masonry, finishing, restoration and waterproofing, or adhesives. The plant is designed to guarantee the user the easiest possible handling and can reach a production of 40 m³/h of premixed material.


Unlike the stationary BS040 blending plants, the mobile BS040M ready-mix construction plants are compact in size and optimized for transport. They are designed to be installed in just a few hours and are the ideal solution for those who want to move the machinery several times a year or have limited space on site. The mobile dosing and mixing unit BS040M, as well as the BS075M, are generally combined with several EUROSILO mobile horizontal silos for storing and retrieving the raw materials to be mixed. As an alternative to the horizontal silos, vertical monolithic, telescopic or panel silos can be combined. Additional components allow the storage of the mixed material, the filling of the tanker truck used for the transport of bulk materials or the packaging of bags for palletizing.


All stages of the production process are managed by a personal computer and the recipes and dosing of the individual components are processed by a PLC combined with accurate electronic load cell weighing systems. The mixer guarantees an excellent homogenization of the premix. The system, thus structured, ensures quality, consistency (repeatability) and traceability, for each production cycle, of the technical characteristics required for the final mixed product.