Powder blending plants BS040



The BS040 (Blending Tower Station) model for the production of ready-mixed products for the building industry is a fixed, automated, high-performance plant for dosing and dry mixing aggregate powders (aggregates, carbonate, silica, gypsum) with binders (cement, lime, calcium sulphate) and additives (resins, aerating agents, fluidizing agents, fibers, cellulose) for the production of ready-to-use products, either loose or in palletized bags, for screeds, sub-bases, mortars for plasters, masonry, finishing, restoration and waterproofing, or adhesives. The plant is designed to guarantee the user both a high level of customization and high production standards and can reach a production rate of 100 m³/h of premixed material.


The design of the BS040 plants starts with an analysis of the customer’s specific requirements in terms of material characteristics, required productivity, accuracy of dosing and homogeneity of the mixtures, through to the adaptation of the components to the space available for installation and the way the plant is run.


All stages of the production process are managed by a personal computer and the recipes and dosing of the individual components are processed by a PLC combined with accurate electronic gravimetric weighing systems with decrementing load cells. The mixer guarantees excellent homogenization of the premix. The system, thus structured, ensures quality, consistency (repeatability) and traceability, for each production cycle, of the technical characteristics required for the final mixed product.