Roller compacted concrete plants MULTIMIX



The MULTIMIX mixing plant is a continuous production plant for roller compacted concrete, a non-structural concrete mix obtained by mixing granular mix (mixed aggregates from quarries or recycled mixed construction and demolition waste) with a low percentage of cement and water, which is used as a foundation layer or as a structural support in road pavements, airport runways, driveways and fills (subgrade, subbase, lean-to).

The plant consists of 2 or more compartments (tanks, hoppers) for inert aggregates, a cement dosing unit with a gravimetric electronic weighing system with decreasing-weight load cells, a twin-shaft horizontal mixer with continuous production of 150 m³/h and an elevator conveyor belt for loading the mixed material onto trucks or into concrete mixer trucks.

The MULTIMIX roller compacted concrete plant is completely independent, flexible, versatile and suitable for both road transport on normal trailers and sea transport on 40” containers.


The compartments (tanks, hoppers) for the aggregates are designed to ensure the possibility of using both mixed inert materials from quarries and recycled inert materials from the treatment of construction and demolition waste (e.g. recovery and crushing of rubble, tiles, sanitary ware, bricks, roofs) which are particularly difficult to manage due to their geometric conformation, intrinsic impurities and tendency to clump together.

Aggregates are extracted using independent volumetric extraction belts (one for each storage tank) which allow the user to easily calibrate the flow rates and ensure that the aggregates are always correctly proportioned. On request, the extraction belts can be equipped with a dynamic electronic weighing system which transforms the volumetric batching of aggregates into weighed batching and allows the MULTIMIX plant to produce large hourly quantities of non-structural concrete and mixes.


The storage of one or more types of binders (cement, fly ash) can take place using horizontal EUROSILO silos (mobile silos) or vertical monolithic, telescopic and modular panel silos (fixed/stationary silos) for powdered materials.

The addition of specific accessories for dosing and spraying bitumen emulsion, makes it suitable for the production of cold bituminous conglomerates or regenerated asphalts (milled asphalt and cold recycled asphalt), eliminating the phase of heating aggregate and bitumen and producing mixtures with up to 100% recycled materials (compared to 30% in hot recycling processes).

Besides the use of recycled products and the production of mixtures with hydraulic or bituminous binder, the MULTIMIX plant allows the production of improved lime mixtures and unbound mixtures.

The dosage of all the components (aggregates, cement, water, additives, emulsions), as well as any detection of the moisture retained by the aggregates and the consequent modification of the quantities of water introduced into the mix, is automatic thanks to a user-friendly touchscreen management system on board the machine or via a PC station located inside the control cabin.